Spotlight: Becca Rymsza

What have you been involved in on campus over your time here? What are some highlights/personal favorites out of these?
I’ve worked with a program called Jumpstart for the past 3 years where I get to work with preschoolers and help them develop social and literary skills they’ll need for kindergarten. I absolutely love working with little kids, they’re always so creative and funny and I always end up with a lot of good stories! I’ve also worked on an ESW project called Chagres Rice where we developed a manual rice hulling device for developing communities in Panama. And then I was also on exec for this crazy group of nerds called Slivka 😉
What are your plans after you graduate?
I’m still working out the specifics of my after graduation plans but basically I’m hoping to find a job in the Chicago area! Definitely in engineering, but I’m currently torn between consumer products and medical devices.
Where did all your fabulous murder mystery costumes come from?
My family has always been obsessed with Halloween, and we go all out with costumes and decorations every year so a lot of them came from that. But everyone in my family (including myself) has a habit of volunteering to help with all sorts of random community events, so some of them come from other miscellaneous adventures we’ve had over the years.
What are you going to miss about Slivka?
There’s a lot I’m going to miss about Slivka (Lisa’s sandwiches for one), but I’d say the thing I’m going to miss the most is being surrounded by so many amazing friendly people all the time. Just knowing that there’s almost always someone around to hang out or chat or bake cookies at 2am, it’s an awesome and unique situation that really doesn’t happen outside of college.
What parting wisdom do you have for Slivkans?
Focus on doing things you love. If a club or job or sport or anything is more stressful than enjoyable, find something else!! Obviously you’re not gonna love every class you take or every second of your job, but there are so many different things to do here that its worth looking for the ones that you can be really passionate about.

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