Spotlight: Kelly Cox


What’s it like being involved in NROTC and a sorority while pursuing a STEM major at NU?

Pretty exhausting, honestly. College overall is a big adjustment, and I realized I had a really slow-paced life before NU. I was never at the top of my class and NM’s education system is way down there; there are so many times I’m completely overwhelmed – the quarter system is rough, and I’ve met so many kids who were valedictorian in high school and I’m like..this school is so out of my league. Luckily I’ve been kind of building up in my involvement, I wasn’t as active in ROTC a couple weeks after committing to the new member process for KPL, and though I’ll be active in both this quarter, I’m only in three classes to kind of get into the rhythm of it all. Time management is the biggest lesson I’ve learned about in college, and it takes sacrifice in your social life to try to get decent sleep before early mornings; there are times where I’m pretty good about it and other times I’m not so great about it haha. The other thing is eating well – I didn’t realize how much my mom looked out for me and my health, and it takes a toll on your body and its ability to focus. Basically, life skills – all NU kids are hard workers and like to be involved, it’s how we all got here, so just carrying that out is what makes us so good at tackling life’s demands – all of us get a little crazy when we have nothing to do over break haha.

Do you know which sector of the Navy you will want to serve in after you graduate?

I still have no idea haha. The sub community is really tight, which I love, but I really don’t think the job is right for me. My dad was a pilot in the Air Force and I’ve always thought it was fascinating and want to try for aviation, and then surface is it’s own thing, totally new to me, and the most diverse. My heart’s not set on getting in one specific community and I think I would be happy in anything, it’s honestly what you make of it.

What’s been your favorite part about living in Slivka?

Living above Lisa’s haha. It’s great to shuffle down there in my pj’s almost any hour of the day or night. It’s basically the kitchen of the building, I always hear how the kitchen is the center of life of a house haha. I can’t focus in my room so I’ll just study there sometimes and/or get food and/or chill with friends. I’ll see a lot of my friends in and out of Slivka that are there for food/schoolwork.


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